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Sunday, 16 January 2011

Gyro and Internal Combustion

I bought both of these puzzles on eBay for about £4 each, but the quality of them is pretty good!

Both of these puzzle designs are pretty well known. The puzzle on the left is a cheaper copy of a wooden puzzle called 'Gyro' by Puzzle Master, and the puzzle on the right is a wooden copy of a metal puzzle called 'Internal Combustion' by Puzzle Master.

Both of the puzzles are pretty good. I definitely preferred Gyro as I tend to like disassembly puzzles rather than sequential movement puzzles (which is what the Internal Combustion is). Also, the Internal Combustion puzzle is also a little bit too difficult for me, which could be because I just don't enjoy sequential movement puzzles.....or it could simply be because I suck at them, although I prefer the first excuse.

Either way as I got them for a combined total of £8 including shipping I can't really argue. If you happen to like your sequential movement puzzles then I'd recommend getting Internal Combustion in it's metal form, it may be more expensive but in my opinion you just can't beat the feel of a machined metal puzzle.

So I got both of these puzzles from eBay, and they were named the 'Mysterious Ball' (Gyro) and 'Pandora's Box' (Internal Combustion). Depending on when you're reading this you may not be able to find them there.

In which case take a look on Puzzle Master and hopefully you'll have better luck.

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