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Wednesday, 12 January 2011


Now for the first wooden puzzle for me to review.'s mostly wooden anyway. This is Bi-Polar, a puzzle made my a company called Orb Factory:

It consists of two halves, each with a coloured half sphere on the end, and the objective is to separate the two pieces from each other. I already had a pretty good idea of how this one worked when I got it due to images I had seen of it beforehand, but even then it took me around 15/20 minutes to work out how to implement my method properly. The wood is of good quality but I would be a little worried to hand it around quite so freely as my Hanayama puzzles because of parts inside which I reckon wouldn't hold up to the pulling and tugging that non-puzzlers tend to resort to when frustration kicks in.

Still a very good puzzle, and it's not going to break the bank to buy one either. So long as you can find one that is.

Where I got Bi-Polar from: Puzzle This

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