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Wednesday, 13 July 2011

And so it begins again...

It's been quite a while since I solved my Revomaze Bronze Extreme, and if you've read that post you'll understand why I needed such a long break before entertaining the notion of trying to solve another puzzle from the Revomaze series. But now the urge has gotten the better of me and I will be embarking on what I can only imagine is another puzzle marathon of 'extreme' proportions.

With the Revomaze Gold Extreme due for release sometime very soon I thought it would be a good time to move up in the series and finally attempt the Silver Extreme.

Luckily a good puzzle friend of mine (and fellow MPP attendee) Chris has very kindly agreed to loan me his Silver Extreme, which is no small thing considering A) How much it costs, and B) How long I am likely to have it for. 

Because going on how long the Bronze took me I estimate that this could take me something ridiculous like 100 hours of puzzling to solve, although I'm hoping for less. Much less. Either way it's going to keep me occupied for a while, so watch this space for updates on how I am (or how I'm not) progressing.

Also check out my past review of the Revomaze Bronze Extreme if you haven't already, it'll give you an idea of what I'm up against if you're not familiar with the Revomaze series.

Also, as a related side note; 

Some of you have mentioned that you can see a Revomaze Red Extreme on my puzzle gallery but I haven't reviewed it yet. For the time being I have no plans to review it, and people who have solved the Red Extreme can imagine why that is *wink*. One day as soon as I can think of a decent write-up for it I will make sure to add it here.


  1. Come on Oli - we're all rooting for you!!! How hard can it be, eh? Remember: Think(c)! :-)

  2. I will be very impressed if you can solve it in just 100 hours!!! I am pretty slow, but I took 250 hours!! Good luck.


  3. Thanks for the luck and encouragement guys! I have a feeling I'll need as much of it as I can get!

  4. Well I'll add to the encouragement then. Good luck. Nothing is as complicated as it seems, and it is possible to open it. (Honest). Remember to Think (c) allard!
    Neil (sorry, can't log in from the iPad while I'm travelling.)

  5. Just paint it blue and suddenly it will seem easy! ;-)

  6. Haha! If only it were that simple eh?


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