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Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Alles Roger - Solved!

Finally, after many months and quite a bit of encouragement from fellow puzzlers I have managed to solve Alles Roger! Thank you to all of you who convinced me not to give up on it. And even a thank you to those of your who mocked me constantly for not being able to work it out. Although I remember who you are and I'll get you back eventually!

Alles Roger has a very devious solution, and despite it's obvious aesthetic resemblance to R2D2 (also by Roger) I can definitely confirm that it is nowhere near similar as a puzzle.

What a great design! It looks so simple and yet somehow it took me forever to solve. I know that it took some other puzzlers far less time to solve, so it could just be some kind of mental block that I had. But I really was starting to lose faith in this puzzle even being possible.


  1. Well done Oli - glad you showed it who was boss! [in the end ;-) ]

  2. Congrats, Oli! Quite a feat to solve this one!

  3. Excellent job!! I gather it didn't involve a hex wrench, or going up into space for some 0G time?? Do you need dexterity?

  4. Thanks guys! No hex wrench or space travel was needed in the solving of this puzzle (although they were definitely considered at one point). Some dexterity is needed though.

  5. Oli, congrats! I have never seen the actual puzzle ...probably never will unless I can get my hands on one...but what is the object of the puzzle? I can't seem to figure out from photos!

  6. Thanks Jerry! The object is to move the small ball bearing on the far right past the other three bearings and into the second channel along the bottom of the puzzle. Harder than it looks!


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