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Friday, 14 January 2011


The Danlock, designed and built by Dan Feldman in Israel is widely acknowledged to be the 'Rolls-Royce' of puzzle locks. These locks are made from real padlocks made by Nabob in Israel. Dan takes these regular padlocks and transforms them into these spectacular puzzles:

The Danlock is the first puzzle lock that I bought, and since solving a few others (which I will get to later) I agree that it is in a league of its own.
It comes as it is shown in the picture. One key is locked onto the shackle, and another key is supplied in two pieces. The keyring and small chain are not included, I added them to make sure that I wouldn't lose the loose key. It also comes with a nice little drawstring bag with 'Danlock' printed onto it, and a sealed envelope containing the solution (both of which I tucked away for safe keeping).

What makes the Danlock so unique in the puzzle lock world is that it has more than a single puzzle needing to be solved in order for it to be complete. Not only do you need to open the lock and release the key, you will then need to put it back into the exact same position as you started in, and you will have to go through several steps to make this possible. I found closing the Danlock far more of a challenge than opening it. I believe that it took me around an hour to solve the Danlock, and most of that was spent on one particular step.

There are two versions of this puzzle. There is the 'Danlock A' and 'Danlock B', and as far as I am aware the only difference is to do with the keys, and as such the Danlock B has one more step required to make solving the puzzle possible. The lock pictured is the 'B' model.

A Danlock is relatively hard to find. You can contact Dan Feldman and be added to his waiting list, but I believe this is quite long. I personally bought my Danlock through Hendrik Ball at Grand Illusions.

The Danlock is a truly exceptional puzzle, and I would say that every puzzle collector should aim to have one of these in their collection.

Where I bought the Danlock from: Grand Illusions

But naturally you can also order the Danlock directly from Dan Feldman here: LINK


  1. Everyone raves about this puzzle lock, so I borrowed one and tried it out. I didn't really like it that much. I suppose this means I am not a puzzle lock kind of guy. I like pure geometrical challenges, rather than something pretending to be different from what you expect.

  2. from a puzzle standpoint its a good puzzle, however i dont think its a good puzzle lock as i think a lock should be dificult to open not close.


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