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Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Cast Loop

The Cast Loop by Hanayama is in my opinion one of the most aesthetically pleasing I own. I mean just look at it:

The chrome effect finish is what really makes the Loop stand out from the crowd, and there is a magnetic catch to hold the puzzle together once it is solved. It has even been suggested that you could wear it as a pendant, though I'm not so sure about that one considering it's weight. Looking at the above pictures the Loop will be sent to you in it's unsolved state shown on the left, and your objective is to create the image shown above on the right.

It is a pretty simple puzzle, it probably took me around 5/6 minutes to solve, which matches up with Hanayama's difficulty rating of 1 out of 6. This is another great puzzle to hand around to friends and family as it can't be broken, it's not too difficult (most people can solve it within a few minutes) but it is just difficult enough to engage the interest of people who aren't regular puzzlers.

Again, another puzzle that I definitely recommend.

Where I got the Cast Loop from: Serious Shops (

And it is also available to purchase from Puzzle Master.

If you're wondering why I got if from the US when it's much cheaper to order from the UK it's because I was given a gift card for, so it had to be spent there. The shipping actually came to more than the puzzle itself!

Also see Brian Pletcher's review of the Loop here: LINK

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