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Wednesday, 23 March 2011

R2D2 (Roger)

Here is another puzzle from the mysterious German puzzle designer known only as 'Roger D':

This puzzle is called R2D2. The 'R' and 'D' I imagine stand for Roger's initials, but I have no idea of the relevance of the '2's. Maybe Roger is a Star Wars fan.

I true Roger fashion this puzzle is also perfectly machined from solid aluminium and given a beautiful finish. The front plate is made of acrylic and that is bolted to the aluminium body using two Allan key bolts. The puzzle contains three ball bearings; two large and one small. The small bearing will roll up to the two larger bearings, but no further. And the large bearings will roll around a few millimetres within their confined spaces.

Once again this puzzle also does not come with instructions, but in this case I think that it's safe to say that the objective is pretty obvious; You must find a way to navigate the small ball bearing to the other end of the puzzle past the two larger bearings, and then return it to the starting position. This is one of two dexterity type puzzles by Roger, the other being 'Alles Roger' which I will also be reviewing soon.

I guessed the solution to this puzzle from looking at pictures of it on the internet, and I'm guessing that quite a few of you reading this have done the same. It is not a difficult puzzle, I bought it more for the fact that it is beautifully made and highly collectible.

Just like I mentioned in previous reviews of my other puzzles by Roger, you are only really likely to find his puzzles in online auctions such as Puzzle Paradise or Cubic Dissection. Although every now and again one or two may pop up in a puzzle shop, and if you see one I recommend that you don't hesitate in buying it.

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