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Thursday, 31 March 2011

Cube Vinco

Here is another of Vinco's puzzle designs that was kindly sent to me by Oy Sloyd Ab in Finland:

This little beauty is called 'Cube Vinco'. It is a 5cm square cube made of two contrasting types of wood and is composed of four pieces. Unlike many of Vinco's other puzzles this is not a coordinate motion puzzle, it is an interlocking puzzle.

It can be a little tricky to work out how to take the cube apart as you have to have your fingers in just the right places, but it isn't a very difficult puzzle overall.
This is one of Vinco's smaller (and cheaper) puzzle designs, in fact as I found out recently you can actually find a Cube Vinco as a centre piece inside another of Vinco's puzzles called 'MaTRIOshka', which I thought was really cool!

It may not be very difficult but I actually really like the simple fun of this puzzle. And as with all of Vinco's puzzles the fit and finish is perfect, even though it's not one of his expensive designs. This is another of those puzzles that's great to give to people new to the world of puzzling.

Like I said I got this puzzle from the lovely people at Oy Sloyd Ab, and you will be able to pick up one of these (along with a load more of Vinco's designs) for a great price.


Thank you to everyone who sent me their get well wishes during my time in hospital, it was really appreciated! I have now been discharged and can continue my recovery in my own home, where I am likely to be for the next two weeks or so. I can't do any heavy lifting, so I'll partake in some light puzzling instead!


  1. Yay! I have one of these winging their way to me - I bought 1 of the 2 matrioshka puzzles which came out of the last batch of Vinco puzzles. I will review it when it arrives.

    Oli, Glad to hear you are better - if you can only manage a little light puzzling during your recovery then please send me your heavy puzzles for safe keeping! Just to save you from yourself!!

  2. I'm looking forward to seeing some decent pictures and a review of your MaTRIOshka puzzle! It looks awesome!

    And thanks for the offer, but I'm sure I'll manage somehow. ;) If I can lift the Perpetual Hinge then I can lift most other puzzles! You are always welcome to visit if you ever want to try out any of my puzzles though.


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