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Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Baby Box Ball

Here is a beautiful puzzle ball that I came across on the German puzzle site Puzzlewood:

This is called the Baby Box Ball which is designed by Michael Cysouw, and is actually an adaptation of a cube puzzle! And being honest it is more of a 'puzzle sculpture' rather than a puzzle in itself.

Contrary to how complex it seems to be, the Baby Box Ball is actually only actually comprised of two pieces. Because of this it isn't a very difficult puzzle, but it is perfect for beginners and really is amazingly well made! Also it is actually quite big with a 9cm diameter.

Although it is only made up of two pieces each of those pieces is comprised of many smaller contrasting light and dark wood sections that have been perfectly glued, sanded and (I believe) waxed until the finish looks as good as it does in the above picture. The finish is so good in fact that you cannot see exactly where the two pieces join together!

It also comes with it's own little wooden stand, which I guarantee you will want because this is a puzzle you will love to put on display in your home.

This puzzle was kindly sent to be by Bernhard Schweitzer of Puzzlewood. He's a really nice guy, so do get in touch with him via his site if you see anything on there that you like.

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