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Sunday, 22 January 2012

Impossibly Impossible Jars

As I may have mentioned before, I'm also getting very interested in 'impossible objects'. These are not exactly mechanical puzzles in the sense that they cannot be physically solved, the real challenge is to work out how they were created. Most people just want to know how it was done, whereas I much prefer coming up with all manner of ridiculous theories, and I'm quite happy to never be told the truth.

Here are a couple of 'object in glass' impossibilities that I got hold of recently:

Golf Ball In A Jar - Jared Brzenski
This is a standard glass jam jar containing an ordinary (and used) 'Noodle' brand golf ball. From the picture the size of the opening looks big enough for the ball to pass through, but that wouldn't make it very interesting. In reality the ball is a fraction too large to pass back through the opening, and as such it seems that it will remained forever sealed inside. This jar was made by Jared Brzenski who sold this creation through his Etsy shop. They are well worth a look.

Spicy - Impossible Bottles
This jar looks a little more exotic with it's wooden lid. It was once an old spice jar, and you can even still smell the spice when you open it. There is a padlock inside which is firmly attached to the wooden lid with a metal hook. The key is also attached to the same hook. You can pull the lid up about an inch, but the padlock will not pass through the neck of the jar. The padlock will still function perfectly well, but only if you can manage to get the key into the keyhole.

Now I do know how this is made as I have seen a similar implementation before, so I actually disassembled it just for kicks.
This jar was made and sold by the English site Impossible Bottles, who also have a range of several other incredible (and impossible) creations for sale for some very reasonable prices. Apparently you can even supply them with your own standard glass bottles, and then they will make them more impossible for you. Very clever!


  1. Oli, co-incidentally I was just looking at the impossible bottles site a couple of days back and their 8 spice bottles have all been sold! You must have bought 1 of the 8! Lucky you!

  2. Yeah I noticed that as well, and was pretty glad that I got in there just in time! There are still a few great looking bottles on there, and I'm sure more to come in the future too.


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