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Wednesday, 7 December 2011

A Busy Week Ahead

I'm heading off on holiday very shortly, and will be away for all of next week! Which is about time considering how little time I've had to spend with my (very understanding) other half recently.

But before I head off into the sunset (or sunrise, as I won't actually be flying at night time) I have a couple of great puzzling things going on.

Tonight I'll be heading to the 103rd monthly puzzle gathering at Camden Lock in London for some casual puzzling with some brilliant people. Wil Strijbos has managed to make it to the UK for this visit, so I'm very much looking forward to meeting the man who has been receiving most of my wages for quite a while now. I may write a little bit about this event, but only if something dramatically different happens compared with the last couple that I have talked about here and here.

If you're interested in attending either tonight or any future events (held on the first Wednesday of every month) then here is the address:

The Lockside Louge
The West Yard
Camden Lock
London NW1 8AF

The nearest tube station is Camden Town, and the events tend to start at around 19:00ish.

On Saturday I shall be heading back to the Puzzle Museum with a handful of fellow MPP regulars to visit James and Lindsey again, which I am once again very much looking forward to. Although odds are I won't write about this visit as fellow blogger and Metagrobologist Allard will also be there, and I'm looking forward to reading his take on seeing James' collection for the first time.

Between these events I shall also be working. You know...that thing they pay me to do so that I can fund my puzzle habit. It hardly seems fair really. I did ask if my work would be willing to continue paying me to stay at home puzzling and blogging, but for some reason they weren't too keen on that idea.

Anyway, so there is my busy week ahead. I hope to get in another post or two before skipping the country, so check out my puzzle image gallery for an idea of some of the reviews that you can expect soon. And if there's anything in particular that you see on there that you would like to hear about then let me know.

Till then, happy puzzling!

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