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Monday, 18 April 2011

Pagoda No.3

Here is a beautiful puzzle that I won during the recent Puzzle Paradise Australian relief auction. It was just about to end with no bids and I just didn't have the heart to let it go unsold.

This is the Pagoda Puzzle Box No.3, and it is a puzzle collaboration between Matt Dawson and Makishi which began with Pagoda No.1 (MakDaw No.1) which was entered into the 2009 IPP Puzzle Design Competition. Pagoda No.3 is limited as only 40 have been made.

It is constructed from oak, walnut and maple which gives it that look of real quality. The pagoda shape coupled with the contrasting woods really make this puzzle box stand out in a collection, and Makishi's signature brand on the back finishes the look off nicely.

The two lower 'pagoda' pieces rotate, and looking at the picture you may be able to guess how the mechanism works.
As a puzzle I've found the Pagoda No.3 to be actually quite difficult. I have opened it several times, but I've found that the real challenge is in actually remembering the sequence of moves that I did to achieve it. It is designed in such a way that it is quite easy to confuse yourself, and you can end up closing the box up again rather than opening it. So it may not take you too long to solve (I think it only took me around 10 minutes or so the first time), but it could take you a little while to do it reliably.

Unfortunately as these are limited to only 40 they will become quite difficult to find, but if you do happen to come across one then I wouldn't hesitate in going for it, I doubt that you would be disappointed, the design and build quality really are superb!

Also check out Brian's blog post of his Pagoda Puzzle Box.

1 comment:

  1. Damn Oli! You reviewed it before I even got to finish mine!

    I opened it in about 10 mins but cannot remember what I did and now cannot close it! I have tried for hours to lock it again without success - I have even looked at the solution but it is of no use whatsoever in closing the blasted thing. Aargh!

    I will review mine later if I ever get it locked!


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