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Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Deja Vu

Here is an affordable reproduction of a classic 'impossible' puzzle design, the 'dovetail box' sold by Puzzle Master under the name of Deja Vu. Thank you very much to Puzzle Master for making this review possible!

When I first show people this puzzle box they don't tend to notice what is so special about it straight away, but once I point out that the dovetail joints are on all four sides of the box then they get more interested. Unless you know how the mechanism works it really does look like an impossible object.

Deja Vu is made of two solid pieces of wood, one of which is stained to really help define the dovetail joints on all four of it's sides.

Obviously the quality is never going to be as good as the dovetail puzzles that are hand crafted by the Sandfield brothers, but at under $12 it is a great reproduction! The internal mechanism is much nicer than I anticipated it would be and it works really well. Plus the fit of the two halves is nice and snug so it doesn't rattle around while you're holding it.

I have been wanting a dovetail joint puzzle in my collection for a while, and I'm really glad that I have this one. It is a great example of a classic puzzle mechanism but for the price you won't mind handing it around for other puzzlers to try out.

Deja Vu is available to buy from Puzzle Master.


  1. How do you open the box??

  2. I don't post the solutions to any puzzles on my blog because I want to give people an idea of what the puzzles are like without ruining the solving experience for them.
    If however you are desperate for the solution then check out this page:

  3. my deja vu box is jammed, how do i unjam it?


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