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Saturday, 19 February 2011

Raketti (The Rocket)

Here is a great little puzzle which only arrived today with several others from the lovely people at Oy Sloyd Ab in Finland, so thank you very much to them for making this review possible!

This curious little thing is called 'Raketti', or 'The Rocket'. But I'm going to call it 'Raketti' because I think it sounds cooler.

It is a very simple looking two piece puzzle made entirely from birch wood (like many of Sloyd's puzzles).The goal is simple; put the two pieces together and place them on a flat surface (as shown in the photo on the left), then all you have to do is remove the centre piece without touching the outer box at all.

As I had come across a variation of Raketti a little while ago I knew roughly what I had to do, but it still took me a good while to work out how to do it reliably.

Even if you are an avid puzzle solver and you know how to solve it I still recommend that you consider having one in your collection. It is one of those puzzles that is perfect to hand around to friends getting them to try it out while you sit there laughing silently at the ideas they come up with to try and solve it. I have seen people try some pretty bizarre things to try and remove the rocket.

Raketti can be found for a very affordable price directly from Oy Sloyd Ab here: Raketti (Sloyd) and is a very welcome addition to my collection.

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  1. can you tell the solution for the raketti/rocket please!!!!!!


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